VCIX-NV exam

First of all, the exam was much fun. More fun then answering a, b, c
I did my exam at global knowledge in Amsterdam.
The latency was really acceptable, it was not worse then
Monitor resolution is just fine. It is not 1920×1080 of course, but it just fine.
The web client crashes allot. (the flash plugin). Reload the webpage and you are good to go again.
Time on the other hand is killing. I ended my exam running out of time.

My exam started with an ‘easy question’, just doing some easy configuration.
But for that I had to troubleshoot. It took my 1.5 hours to get things working. Way too much time and I broke something in the setup
I thought was not important, but it was, in a later question :/, so got to skip that one.
So only 2.5 hours left for the total of 18 questions. I must say, you do not feel happy at that moment and you think
you will fail. I went through the questions very fast, skipped the ones I really did not know or would take to much time.
Luckily there are also short and easy questions. So I managed to get points there.

I ran out of time and I thought I failed..
2 hours later I got the result and passed ! barely.. but still, it is a pass.

Study materials:
Very good study guide labs:

And allot of lab time on my own lab. (to build completely from scratch and doing the upgrades from vshield manager etc.)

Useful tips
Build your own lab from scratch. Repeat, repeat until you know exactly how it works and get the hang of it.
Read the study guide and practice all subjects. Read it again and see what you missed. You really need to know how and where to configure things.
Do not skip parts of the blueprint. The blueprint is what you get on the exam. I did not get questions outside the blueprint.
Be on time for the exam. I was there 1 hour early. Take a coffee, relax.
If you do not know a question or it will take a long time, SKIP it, unless it is really needed for the next question. You can always go back.
Try not to spend too much time on troubleshooting, unless it is really needed of course.
If you are deploying things, or waiting on tasks too complete (this can take some time) read on to the next question, maybe you can already start.
Read the complete question before you start doing it !

Good luck !

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