Protecting against log4j with AVI Networks WAF

Introduction Log4j is a popular Java library developed and maintained by the Apache foundation. The library is widely adopted and used in many commercial and open-source software products as a logging framework for Java. The vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) is critical, as it can be exploited from remote by an unauthenticated adversary to execute arbitrary code (remote

Ansible in NSX-T and NSX-ALB: Using collections

Introduction A couple of days ago, I noticed VMware is changing Ansible roles to collections.Collections are a distribution format for Ansible content that can include playbooks, roles, modules, and plugins.This distribution is performed by Ansible Galaxy, which is a place from where you can install or get other developer’s shared content.This is a great thing.

VCIX-NV exam

First of all, the exam was much fun. More fun then answering a, b, c I did my exam at global knowledge in Amsterdam. The latency was really acceptable, it was not worse then Monitor resolution is just fine. It is not 1920×1080 of course, but it just fine. The web client crashes allot.

Linux filesystem becomes read-only in some cases

It has to do with: mptscsi adds DID_BUS_BUSY host status when scsi status of BUSY is returned Short description: When the SCSI I/O command is returned to the Linux SCSI midlayer with a host status of DID_BUS_BUSY, the command will be retried five times and then if the target continues to return a status of

A new day with a new problem…

Today one of the SAN’s thought it was vacation. A nice error showing there was something wrong ‘vmware Failing I/O due to too many reservation conflicts’ Reading through… Checked the volume on the console and could not even enter the directory. Management of the SAN was also unreachable. Rebooted the SAN.